Meet the locals and Experience Indigenous Culture

Interested in exploring places where there aren’t hoards of tourists and aren’t listed in the guide books? The Foundation for Indigenous Kids sponsors travel experiences like you have never had before! You will meet local people, eat local foods and learn about different cultures. Not only will you have an unforgettable experience, but your participation helps preserve indigenous cultures and provides much needed income to the communities.

Family learning adventuret

Family Learning Adventure – 8 days / 7 nights

Ecuador is roughly the size of the state of Colorado in the USA – but the diversity amongst the people, the landscape, the wildlife and the flora and fauna is unequaled anywhere! Your children will learn so much and have an experience they will never forget!

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Shaman’s family

Shamanism – 9 or 14 days

Learn about the ancient tradition of shamanism first hand! Meet and work with different shamans from the Ecuadorian Amazon. The shamans we work with are from authenticate lineages where the knowledge has been passed done generation to generation.


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Outdoor Extravaganza

Outdoor Extravaganza! – 7 days / 6 nights

You will visit different indigenous communities where during the day you will see wildlife and be surrounded by nature while discovering hidden waterfalls, exploring rivers in dugout canoes, and enjoying hiking, swimming, fishing, and picnicking.

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Deep Jungle Expedition

Deep Jungle Expedition – 2 weeks to 1 month

Only accessible by small plane! Fly into Shiwiar territory deep in the Ecuadorian jungle near the Peruvian border. This trip may be customized to suit the amount of time you wish to stay.

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